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Our language based curriculum includes a broad spectrum of cognitive instruction, including the identification of letters of the alphabet and their sounds, writing of the letters and numbers, identifying and counting numbers and understanding number concepts. We use a hands on approach because we believe that this is the best way for children to begin to fully understand the world around them.

4Rs is licensed to operate as a preschool by the commonwealth of Virginia.

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9 AM: Time for school!
Come in the kitchen door with mom or dad and hang up your coat on one of the hooks on the porch. You can use any one- just PLEASE make sure that your name is on all of your clothing so we don’t get it mixed up.
Come right in and see your teachers - we wouldn’t want the day to start without a hello at least!

9-9:30 Free Play
Now you can do whatever you want. Just look around- maybe you want to build with blocks, or play with cars, or make something out of play dough, or feed the dollies, or go grocery shopping, or work at the Lego table. What about some counting games with one of the teachers, or puzzles, or listening to a story in the quiet library? Have you found any friends to play with – maybe some of you could do a puppet show!

9:30 RING RING RING goes the bell.
Time to clean up all those toys-everyone helps because it’s faster, and lots more fun.

9:40 – 10:15 Circle time
Come get in circle with your teachers and friends. We’ll sing songs, and do poems and chat a bit. Soon we’ll have show and tell, and, if you’re in the three day class,we’ll do the pledge of allegiance and calendar too.

10:15 – 10:45 Small group time.
Maybe today you’ll go first to the kitchen with Mrs. Peacock to work on a project. I wonder what you’ll be working with – glue, paint, scissors?? Maybe you’ll be making a storybook with letters or numbers –every day it’s something different.

10:45 – 11 Snack time, individual book time

11-11:15 Storytime
Do you think it will be a storybook? Maybe a flannel board, or a story in a song, or a “telling” story that you can participate in.

11:15-11:45 Small group time
If you went to the kitchen first, you’ll go to Mrs. Winger and Mrs. Rutter’s group next. Probably this will be in the big room. I wonder if you’ll be playing a game, or dancing, or acting out a rhyme? It’ll be a moving group probably because you can’t sit still all day!

11:45-12 Noon Outside play
I hope the weather is nice enough to go out, but if not we can do music or fun exercise indoors. Time to go home soon- we have to get in all the fun we can!