There will be 14 marked spaces in the lot in front of school. If you do not have small children, please park in the Mason’s lot next to the school in the spaces that face the BB&T Bank.  Enter behind the bank, before the Verizon building. Do not park by the yellow building (those spots are only for the business that operates there). Always hold your child’s hand in both parking lots.

Please be aware that the traffic in and out of the driveway will require careful attention. The configuration of lined spaces will require you to be aware of others who may be backing up at the same time. When leaving our parking lot, please STOP at the white line on the driveway until you can see that there is no incoming traffic, then proceed slowly.

If you are traveling on Jefferson St. from the direction of rte 29 to make a right turn in to our drive, you have to make a WIDE turn to avoid coming in contact with the ditch! It is marked with boulders and a white line, but could be hazardous if you are distracted. Please take your time coming and going. We know that you are busy and often in a hurry so please be aware of these safety concerns. There will be lots of precious cargo in motion!