We will supply a nutritious snack each day.
4Rs promotes the “one bite rule “to minimize attention paid to food issues. We encourage the children to take one bite of everything that is offered. If they do not like the food, they do not have to finish it.

Due to the increasing incidence of food allergies, we supply all food that is served. At this time we have children in each class who are allergic to multiple food items. An allergic reaction in any of these children could require administration of epinephrine and transport to the hospital. Some students, who are very sensitive, may react to just touching or inhaling the allergen. For other students, consumption of as little as one five-thousandth of a teaspoon of an allergenic food can cause death. Total avoidance of the substance to which the student is allergic is the only means to prevent food allergy reactions. To this end, 4Rs is a nut free school. This year we also have children who are allergic to milk and eggs.

One of our major goals at 4Rs is to keep all of our children safe, therefore, we cannot allow any food to be brought in from home, including birthday and holiday treats. For each child’s birthday, we will light candles on a (wax) cake and supply a special treat that is reserved for these celebrations. Children are welcome to bring in non food items to share with their classmates, but this is certainly not necessary.